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Shanxi special-shaped flange on the thread, flange, the three different welding connection mode is introduced

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Shanxi special-shaped flange on the thread, flange, the three different welding connection mode:

Shanxi special-shaped flange on the thread, flange, the three different welding connection mode:

Valve has three main connection way, threaded connection, flange connection, welding connection, this article on the three valve connection do detailed introduced respectively, as follows:

Welding connection valves

Lotus engraved in nominal diameter is bigger, use condition, higher temperature, the body is often used for welding groove, at the same time, the butt joint with the original requirements, the welders must choose very skillful to complete the job. Under 50 mm nominal diameter welding valve usually with welding socket to carry on the charge of the pipeline on plane. Because the socket welding forming gap between the pin and pipeline, thus has the potential to crack corrosion by some media, at the same time, the vibration of the pipeline can make the connection part fatigue, so the application of the socket welding by certain restrictions. Welding connection is suitable for all kinds of pressure and temperature, under the condition of the load moment when using, more reliable than the flange connection. But the welding connection valve disassembly and difficult to install, so its use is limited to usually can run reliably for a long time, or use the conditions of Dutch engraved, high temperature occasion. Such as coal-fired power stations, nuclear power engineering, ethylene project on the pipeline.

Threaded connection valves

Threaded connection valves mainly nominal menstruation under 50 mm. If size size is too big, installation and connection department seal is very difficult. Threaded connection is usually to turn in and out of the end valve cone tube or straight thread, can make its connection to the taper pipe nipple or road. Because of this connection may appear larger leakage channel, so it can be used sealants, sealing adhesive tape or filler to plug the channel. If the valve body material can be welded, but expansion coefficient difference is very big, or change range of working temperature range is larger, screw thread connection department must be honey sealing. For ease of installation and removal of threaded connection valves, the appropriate placement of the piping system on the available pipe joint. Under 50 mm nominal diameter of valve pipe fittings, pipe socket for use as a pipe socket threads will connect the two parts together.

Valve flange connection

Valve flange connection, its installation and disassembly are convenient, but the heavy flange connection than the threaded connection valves, corresponding price too high, so it is suitable for various sizes and pressure pipe connection. When the temperature exceeds 350 degree, as a result of bolts, gasket and flange slacken, also obviously reduce the load on the bolt, to force a lot of flange connection leaks may be produced.

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