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Shanxi special-shaped flange introduces characteristics, technical parameters of flat welding flange and forging method

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Shanxi special-shaped flange introduces characteristics, technical parameters of flat welding flange and forging method

Shanxi special-shaped flange introduces characteristics, technical parameters of flat welding flange and forging method

Flat welding flange forging deformation in the early, due to the porous preform billet easy deformation, deformation force is small, density increase rapidly. Forging forming late, because most of the pore closure, deformation resistance increases, needed to eliminate the residual pore deformation force increases rapidly. Deformation resistance is closely related to the deformation temperature, deformation of high temperature is beneficial to dense, and reduce the deformation resistance. High strain rate is also advantageous to the welding flange density.

Flat welding flange forging process of equipment requirements, more strict than the traditional die forging, the displacement characteristics of punch with preformed billet deformation characteristics of dense matching. Blank and die contact time should be as short as possible. Forging machine have good rigidity, activity crossbeam and the piston have good guidance to ensure precision forging precision. Therefore, flat welding flange forging generally choose mechanical press, such as crankshaft press, or friction screw press with higher accuracy.

A, the characteristics of flat welding flange

Flat welding flange not only saves space, reduce weight, more important is to ensure that the joint parts will not leak, has good sealing performance. Compact flange size is reduced, was due to the decrease of the diameter of the seal, it will reduce the sealing surface of cross section. Second, the flange gasket has been replaced by sealing ring, to ensure that the sealing face sealing surface matching. As the pressure required to reduce, the size of the bolt and the required quantity can be reduced accordingly, so the final design out a small volume and light weight (70% ~ 80% reduction in weight than traditional flange) of new products. So flat welding flange flange products, a more excellent quality and reduce the space, has played an important role in industrial applications.

Second, flat welding flange technical parameters:

(1) the flange diameter: 75 mm - 2190 mm

(2) the central circle diameter of bolt holes: 50 mm - 2130 mm

(3) the bolt hole diameter: 11 mm to 30 mm

(4) the number of bolt hole: 4-48

(5) thread: M10 - M27

(6) of the flange thickness: 12 mm - 58 mm

(7) : pipe diameter (17. 2-2032 - mm) B (14-2020 - mm)

Flange diameter (8) : A (18-2036 - mm) B (15-2024 - mm)

(9). Theory of flange weight: 0.36 kg, 234.6 kg (DN1800)

(10). Material: A105, 20 #, Q235, 16 mn, 304, 304, 316, 316 l, 316 l

(11). Production standards: HG/T20592-2009, GB /, SH3406 T9119-2000-2000, JB/T81-1994, DIN 2573, DIN 2576, EN1092-1

Product name plate flat welding flange

Using pressure PN0.25 MPa, PN0.6 MPa, PN1.0 MPa, PN1.6 MPa, PN2.5 MPa

Product category all flat plate flange (FF), tu panel flange (RF)

Manufacturing materials, 304, 316, 304 l, 316 l, 321, 2025 q23516mn, etc

Connection form the single side welding, double nut connection.

Product features beautiful appearance, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, simple sense strong performance

Three, flat welding flange forging method

Flat welding flange forging can be divided into free forging, upsetting and extrusion, die forging, closed die forging, closed upset. Closed die forging and closed upset because there is no flash, material utilization ratio is high. With a process or a few process can complete complex forging finishing. Since there is no flash, forging stress area is reduced, the required load is also reduced. However, we should pay attention to not make blank completely is restricted, so we will strictly control the volume, control the relative position of forging die and measure of forgings, effort to reduce the wear and tear of forging die.

According to the movement of the forging die, forging pendulum is rolling, can divide again for rotary forging, roll forging, cross wedge rolling, ring rolling and skew rolling, etc. Pendulum is rolling, forging and ring rolling forging process is also available. In order to improve the utilization rate of material, forging and rolling can be used as a long and thin materials before processing. With the rotation of the free forging forging is also the local forming, its advantage is compared with the size of forging, forging force also can realize form smaller cases. Including free forging, the way of forging and processing the materials from the mold surface near to the free surface extension, therefore, it is difficult to guarantee the accuracy, so will the movement direction of the forging die and spin blacksmith sequence with computer control, a lower forging force are available on complex shape, high precision products. Such as production of many varieties, large size of the turbine blade forgings.

When the temperature exceeds 300-400 ℃ (steel blue brittle zone), 700-800 ℃, the deformation resistance will decrease sharply deformation can also get great improvement. According to the different forging temperature area, in view of the different quality of forgings and forging process requirements, can be divided into three cold forging, warm forging, hot forging forming temperature area. Originally this temperature region division, there is no strict boundaries, generally speaking, the recrystallization temperature region of the forging, called hot forging, no heating forging is called cold forging at room temperature.

When the cold forging, forging the size of the change is very small. Forging under 700 ℃, and less scale formation, and surface decarburization phenomenon. Therefore, as long as the deformation in forming can within the scope of cold forging is easy to get good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. As long as the good control of temperature and lubrication cooling, the temperature under 700 ℃ forging can also achieve good accuracy. Hot forging, due to the small deformation and deformation resistance, can be forged shape complicated large forgings. In order to get high dimensional precision forging, can be in 900-1000 ℃ temperature field using hot forging processing. Also, pay attention to improve working conditions for hot forging. The die (2-5000 hot forging, warm forging 1-20000, cold forging 2-50000) compared with other temperature field of forging is shorter, but its degree of freedom is big, the cost is low.

To produce when in cold forging deformation and strain hardening, the forging die under high load, therefore, need to use the high strength of the forging die and using hard of lubricant to prevent wear and adhesive processing method. In addition, to prevent crack in billet, intermediate annealing when necessary to ensure deformation ability. To keep good lubrication condition, phosphating of billet. In a continuous process with bar and wire rod, and the current of cross section is not lubrication processing, are studying the possibility of phosphating lubrication method is used.

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