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Shanxi Dingxiang iron industry flourished Forging Factory



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Address: Shanxi province Dingxiang County Cui Zhuang Industrial Park

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Company introduction


Shanxi dingxiang thriving industry iron forging factory is located in the hometown of China's heavy chemical base in northwestern Shanxi Province forging dingxiang territory, railway transportation is convenient, coal, electric power, rich resources, advanced communication facilities and quick, is extremely advantageous geographical environment.

Our factory has from the forging, heat treatment, machining, physical and chemical inspection, surface treatment to the packaging shipped's ability to implement the integration of production, strong financial strength, solid technical strength, advanced production technology, complete quality testing and reliable after-sales service, good corporate reputation, all over the world and domestic numerous customers provides a solid foundation for cooperation.

I plant production of flange execution ANSI16.5, DIN, Japanese standard JISB2220, B2210 and other national standards, the main varieties are: welding, lap, socket, sliding sleeve, thread, blind plate, plate and so on seven varieties, 1/2 "- 64", more than 20 kinds of specifications: good quality products, considerate service, deeply domestic and foreign merchants, the user's praise and rely on, won a high reputation both at home and abroad, has become one of domestic large flange, forging supplier.

Industry comprehensive information service provider, is one of the municipal government of shenzhen city star enterprise Internet.

Our factory will in future to update the attitude of the customers at home and abroad to strengthen, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, friendship and common development, to join hands in creating a better future, welcome the customers from all walks of life came to discuss cooperation.

Our goal is to continuously strengthen quality management, constantly improve the technology level, continuously improve process equipment, more timely and thoughtful after-sales service, for domestic and foreign companies of various large projects to make greater contribution.

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